Weirdest and least weird fetish you're into, as well as not into?

least weirdest is probably the standard stuff like biting, choking, degradation etc

my weirdest kinks are def vore. Every single form of it almost. I really like oral vore, cock vore, anal vore, etc;;;; OTL

Do you like sexting?

I’ve done it before but it’s not all that exciting.

How often do you jerk off?

It depends. Sometimes I wont for weeks and sometimes I wont quit and go like 4 times a day for a while.

Do you have any cum fantasies?

I’m really really really into cum inflation. Like the guy filling you up with so much cum it expands your tummy

hella into that. But it has to be with one guy slooging unrealistic amounts of cum at once

not it happening over time or from multiple dudes jizzing standard amounts until it builds up. I want it to be enough to take a bath in

Do you moan while you masturbate?

Yeah of course. My brother’s room is right next to mine and our walls are thin so for the most part I try to stay as quiet as possible.

But when I’m home alone I’m super duper uber loud

how much jizz do you think pete can blow

Hopefully a lot. The more the better. There’s never too much cum B)