you used to make me feel so much better than this

you used to make me feel so much better than this


Sporting my spectacles for a job interview at Pinga House. Let’s hope it falls through.

The biggest part of me that’s afraid of letting One Piece go is the part that’s afraid of letting Franky go because liking that character has helped me through a lot and I have so many figures of him. No other character has made me feel the way he did

like I honest to god felt like I loved him like a real person for a long time

but jfc One Piece keeps making me so upset




You can't like bara, you're a girl, baras for gay men ugh.



I’m really sorry you feel that way. I thought you’d might like the whole intensity with Usopp/Luffy/Sugar, but maybe you’re just referring to another particular part. Again, if you feel that way I’m up to chat about it.

No. That’s EXACTLY the part I was talking about. There WASN’T any intensity at all. It was super rushed and poorly done. Of COURSE Sugar wouldn’t get a real second chance. Of COURSE she would be taken out with the same stupid joke that took her out the first time.

Of COURSE Usopp has Haki. Because EVERYONE has Haki. Because this is turning into every single DBZ cliche that I really believed One Piece would never fall into. It’s gone from a VERY intense story about friendship and has become typical Power-Up-Everyone-With-No-Explination shonen manga #123243

Who cares about story and build up and suspense and GOOD WRITING anymore when you can just make everyone SUPER STRONG and make them PUNCH EACH OTHER A LOT !