Freddy legitimately terrifies me tbh
I love him regardless tho

Okay so the bodies of the 5 kids were never found so I’m pretty sure if their bodies were stuffed in the suits someone would have realized. Also there’s only 4 animatronics. Golden Freddy is believed to be a hallucination so it doesn’t really count as a 5th character. So I guess the kids could totally be haunting the pizzaria and maybe be the cause of the power being drained but aren’t directly controlling the cast. They were apparently allowed to roam around freely since the 80s or before. So they must have had AI since the start?? And the spirits of the kids is what makes them malicious at night but not through direct possession i

To follow up comment, think of it less like direct possession and more like... their sheer presence/haunting/negative energy kinda bringing the animatronics to life so they're kind of independent entities born FROM what happened to the kids? 'cept Golden Freddy, who people think is just flat out the ghost of the murderer which is why the normal animatronics screech is a recording of a child screaming, but golden freddy is a deep and adult sounding howl

This sounds good too. I just don’t want the cast to be directly possessed by children because I have my own portrayal of Freddy and I’m sexually attracted to him so I don’t want him being possessed by a kid





Is the thing about kids being the ones possessing the fnaf animatronics canon or just a theory because I dont want that to be canon

I have that feeling in my sinuses like if I just inhaled a bunch of choline water and it really hurts

I hope I’m not getting sick. I think I’m gonna go to sleep early

I want someone to write me a dark guro fic of me and freddy but idk anyone that writes that sort of thing

I told my brother I love Freddy Fazbear and he replied “Angel this needs to stop you need to think of your family”

Angel you crack me up because when it comes to some characters you're just "Kiss me and make me feel like a princess" or "Please fucking eat me and make me hurt" and you switch without missing a beat, it's cute as heck for some reason?

oh my gosh I don’t even realize I do this tbh;;;;; ;///w////;

but I guess that sums me up pretty well I’m all embarrassed now /)//w//(\